Federal Government jobs for Armed Forces Veterans

Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Veterans, who do not currently hold an indeterminate position in the federal public service, have a preference for appointment when they apply, and are found qualified, for externally advertised jobs in the federal public service. In addition, CAF Veterans, for a five-year period beginning from your date of release, and active members can apply for internally-advertised positions.

To be eligible for the preference and to apply to advertised internal positions, veterans must have been honourably released and served for a minimum of 3 years in the Canadian Armed Forces (Regular, Reserves, COATS or Rangers). To be eligible to apply to advertised internal positions, active CAF members must have served for a minimum of 3 years.

Applying for postings

If you are a currently serving Regular Force member, you can apply for public service job postings, but if you are the successful applicant you must release from the Canadian Armed Forces before you can start the position.

Priority status

If you are medically-released from the Canadian Armed Forces, you may qualify for priority hiring status.

There are two types of priority:

  • Statutory Priority – for those medically-released with a service-related injury or illness. and
  • Regulatory Priority – for those medically-released for other reasons. Regulatory priority is only available to Regular Force, Reserve Class B (> 180 days) and Reserve Class C.

Medically-released Veterans with a statutory entitlement have the highest level of priority entitlement. They must be considered and, if qualified, appointed before all others. If no qualified persons with a statutory priority entitlement are identified, those who have a regulatory priority entitlement are considered next. Organizations must consider persons with a priority entitlement first, before initiating an appointment process.

To qualify for a statutory priority entitlement Veterans Affairs Canada is required to review your medical release to determine if it was due to a service-related injury or illness. Please request the priority within five years after the date of release; be certified as able to return to work; and not employed in the public service for an indeterminate period. Both priority entitlements are for five years.

How do I request a determination?

Please fill out the medical release attributable to service determination form (VAC1002e) and include a proof of identification as described in the form. You can get a form through any of the following:

How to apply for public service jobs

To apply for public service job openings, please set up your account at www.jobs.gc.ca. You will need your service number to complete your registration. If you have any difficulties setting up your account, please contact the Public Service Commission at 1-888-780-4444 (TTY/TDD: 1-800-465-7735.

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