Health-related Travel

Travel expenses incurred by the Veteran when travelling to receive health care services or benefits may be reimbursed by VAC. Health-related travel costs include items such as transportation, parking, meals, lodging, out of province travel and, when required, an escort, meaning someone to accompany you if you are travelling to receive treatment.

In some of these cases, there is a maximum which can be claimed.

For meals, the amount paid cannot exceed the meal allowances set out by the National Joint Council's Appendix C.

For travel in your own private vehicle, VAC can reimburse kilometers at a rate that is two (2) cents more than the kilometric rate set out in the National Joint Council's Appendix B.

For pre-approved overnight travel, standard commercial accommodations can be paid at a rate no higher than the maximum rate permitted for federal public servants as outlined in the current Hotel Directory for Government Employees or private accommodations can be paid at a the rate outlined in the National Joint Council's Appendix C.

Travel is defined as transportation, within Canada, by the most convenient and economical means appropriate to the condition of the Veteran between their residence and the appropriate treatment centre nearest to their residence.

Receipts - Veterans do not need to submit receipts with their travel claims unless VAC asks for them. Veterans must still obtain receipts and appointment verifications and retain these original receipts for one year following the claim submission in case they are requested for review.

For more information, please see the Health-related Travel information for Veterans, the Health-related Travel Information or the Health-related Travel Policy.

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