Long Term Care

Canada's commitment to care for injured, disabled and aging Veterans is a long-standing commitment, dating back to the First World War.

Financial support for long term care is provided in two long term care settings:

  • Community beds are in community facilities with beds that provide nursing home care to Veterans as well as other provincial residents
  • Contract beds are in community facilities that have beds designated for priority access for eligible Veterans

Some nursing homes and other residential or long term care facilities provide care to Veterans in “contract” as well as “community” beds within the same facility.

Do I qualify?

Veterans Affairs Canada provides financial assistance to eligible Veterans for long term care. Factors that are taken into consideration when determining your eligibility include:

  • health care need
  • service-related disability
  • income
  • military service

How does it work?

The delivery of long term care is a provincial/territorial responsibility. All provincial health systems in Canada provide some level of residential care support in provincially licensed or regulated facilities.

The assessment and placement process to access most long term care facilities is managed by provincial/regional/local health authorities.

If a Veteran needs long term care, Veterans Affairs Canada can contribute to the cost of care if the Veteran meets certain criteria, for example, military service, income eligibility, and/or whether their need for long term care is due to a service related disability.

Outreach and visitation initiative

Through a service contract with the Royal Canadian Legion, volunteers visit Veterans staying in long-term care facilities who receive financial assistance from the Department. This visit provides the Veterans an opportunity to have a conversation and a social visit with a volunteer.

How do I apply for long term care?

The placement and admission process for long term care is largely controlled by provincial, regional, or local health authorities. To determine if you need long term care you should first contact the agency responsible for long term care in your province.

How do I apply for financial assistance?

To apply for financial assistance for long term care, please complete and sign the Application Package for Long Term Care Support (VAC1503APe).

If you need assistance, please contact us.

Note to legal representatives: Include a copy (originals cannot be returned) of the document that shows you to be the legal representative (e.g. Power of Attorney). If you have previously provided this, you do not need to send it again.

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Living outside of Canada?

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