Disability Award

Increase to Disability Award

Effective April 1, 2017 – Veterans Affairs Canada increased the maximum (100%) disability award from $314,724 to $360,000. All Veterans who received a disability award since April 1, 2006 will receive an additional, tax free lump sum payment.

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The Disability Award provides injured Canadian Armed Forces members or Veterans with a tax-free award for an injury or illness resulting from military service.

The amount of the award will depend on:

  • the degree to which your disability is related to your service (entitlement); and
  • the extent of your disability (assessment).

Your military rank or years of service have no connection to the amount you may receive.

The Disability Award is designed to provide you with an immediate financial support if you have been injured while serving our country. In addition, you may also qualify for a clothing allowance and the Career Impact Allowance. Benefits for your survivors are also available. There are more supports and services available to you. This support includes:

In combination these services and supports can help you and your family focus on establishing a successful civilian life and career path.

Important Notes:

  • If you are receiving a Disability Award, you have flexible payment options: a lump-sum payment, annual payments over the number of years of your choosing, or a combination of these two payment options. The Disability Award Payment Calculator can help give you an idea of what your annual payments could be.
  • We encourage you to speak with a financial advisor to help you determine how to manage the money you receive. Veterans Affairs Canada can pay up to $500 to cover the costs related to getting this financial advice.

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