Budget 2017 - Fact Sheet - Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund

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Effective Date

Implementation of all Budget 2017 initiatives is expected on April 1, 2018.


The Government of Canada is fulfilling its commitment to the well-being of Veterans and their families through the establishment of a Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund. This fund would be used for the development of new and innovative ways to support Veterans and their families by providing financial support to organizations to conduct research and implement initiatives and projects. These organizations can be non-profit, voluntary and in some cases, for-profit as well.

This benefit is just one step the Government is taking to continue to improve benefits and services offered to Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans and their families.

Quick Facts

$13.9 million over four years to establish a Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund to foster the development of innovative programs by third-party organizations.

VAC would issue periodic calls for proposals where stakeholders would be invited to submit applications for funding for projects and initiatives related to issues impacting Veterans and their families. The Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund would be used to support these projects and initiatives.

The fund would support the promotion of increased knowledge and understanding through research, and the development of community based and innovative services to address new and emerging needs within the Veteran community.

The new fund would come into effect April 1, 2018.

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