Budget 2017 - Fact Sheet - Expansion of the Veteran Family Program across all Military Family Resource Centres

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Effective Date

Implementation of all Budget 2017 initiatives is expected on April 1, 2018.


The Government of Canada is fulfilling its commitment to do more to support families of Canada’s Veterans by expanding the Veteran Family Program across all 32 Military Family Resource Centres (MFRCs).

A pilot project launched in October 2015 allowed access for medically released Veterans and their families to seven MFRCs across the country. They were also provided access to the telephone-based Family Information Line and the www.CAFconnection.ca website. These services were traditionally available only to still-serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

The expansion of the Military Family Support Program as part of Budget 2017 would result in medically released Veterans and their families having continued and uninterrupted access to all 32 MFRCs across the country, in addition to the other resources that were part of the initial pilot.

Quick Facts

Over six years, $147 million would be committed to expanding access for the families of all medically-released Veterans to the 32 Military Family Resource Centres, the Family Information Line and CAFconnection.ca, and over three years, $22.4 million would be committed to better informing Veterans and their families of the supports available to them.

The MFRCs are arm’s length, independent organizations that provide a range of support services to Canadian Armed Forces members and their families. These services include welcome and community orientation sessions, parenting workshops, child care, outreach, information and referral, personal growth and development programming, as well as employment and educational assistance.

Research has shown that the transition from military to post-military life can be an especially stressful time. Ensuring uninterrupted access to these services would help to address some of the challenges faced by newly transitioning Veterans and their families.

In addition to the new services, the program would continue to offer access to already established, familiar and trusted services.

Expanding this pilot project is part of the Government of Canada’s overall commitment to support Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans and their families.

The new changes would come into effect April 1, 2018.

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